GAPSET was founded in 1990.  It provides methods and tools to support “Objective Driven Leadership”.  These methods and tools are based on research at leading French business schools,(CESA , HEC, ISA), and have met the approval of many business and government clients.

  • An «objective driven leadership» requires selecting objectives and implementing, monitoring, associated operational plans.
  • Objectives and operational plans indicate challenges and efforts to be shared by top level executives, senior and middle managers, with respect to their area of responsibilities. 
  • Related information is processed through desktop applications designed to GAPSET standards. 

GAPSET continually invests in state of the art decision support ERP and face to face or e-learning methods.
GAPSET reinforces and optimizes performance, competitiveness and development capabilities at any organization.  In this respect, it promotes an internal and interactive network of accountability centers, as well as control over necessary evolutions.

What GAPSET does?

GAPSET your partner for an objective driven leadership: 

  • Review information to be taken into account for strategy, operational plans and their monitoring, at a global level and by accountability center.
  • Apply GAPSET standards for defining an objective driven leadership ERP.
- Key performance indicators crossed by key subjects.
- Models for decision-making, simulation and planning.
- Associated 3R, « Resources, Runs, Results », accounts showing use of resources against results.
- Hierarchized dahsboards, « look, feel and decide »,  designed for easy and complete understanding.
- Decision support ERP workstations interfaced with base operations systems, integrated with current IT infrastructure. 
- Contribute to improve and simplify Plan-Budget processes.
  • ​Train managers to use GAPSET ERP and to practice objective driven leadership.
  • Empower top and middle managers with a clear, transparent view of operational performances and ways to adapt to change.

GAPSET has developped necessary learning modules and customer experience.

 What does GAPSET do?